Accessible Websites & the ADA

You may not have considered the impact your business website has on individuals with disabilities. The US Department of Health and Human services put out a checklist for you and your webmaster to go over to see just where you may be falling short. Most ADA compliances for business fall in the 15 employees and over category. However, these practices are great ones for any size company. Not only that but along with being incredibly compliant and available to all people, you will also be helping your business achieve better rankings through search engine optimization.

There is specific technology used for the disabled that reads the HTML coding on a website. For those of you who don’t know what that is, imagine that all the images you see, boxes, icons and more all have letters and symbols that were first created to tell that page what was going to be on it. For instance, even the color of words on a page is a code. What’s important here is that your HTML code is readable to the special technology used by your disabled clients.

If you’re not sure how you’re doing, ask a disabled person to review your site and see how it’s performing! Also, check in with your webmaster and ask them to review this checklist for compliance!

We never want to alienate any one in our quest to serve the public. In business, we have to be mindful of all types of people and their needs. When it comes to Real Estate services we serve a very broad community. Everyone needs a place to leave, everyone needs a title company, and everyone deserves the BEST service.