August is here and though the year is starting it’s second half and businesses are reexamining there bottom lines and gearing up to get better, the kids are gearing up for back to school. As the ease of summer and vacations dissipate, Parents are scrambling and the house makes a big schedule shift to “back to normal” with the pressures of schedules, projects, and programs.

We know it’s not easy. So to ease some of the back to school woes and get your house hold organized for a great start to the new season, here’s some tips and tricks from all of us at James N Brown Pa or as we like to say it.. the JNB Girls!

1.    White Dry Erase Wall: It’s a creative plunge for sure! But we think it’s cleaner than the ever popular chalkboard walls. Head to your local home improvement store for the paint, choose a great space or piece of furniture! A great way to spend an afternoon and when it’s dry.. you get to color as a family! Imagine the messages you can leave for your kids.. or the ones they can leave for you!

2.     Central Charging Station: When everyone gets home, have them place their electronics in one place to charge. Putting them together makes it easy to find and it also keeps everyone (including mom and dad) from being on their devices while they’re home.

3.     Homework Station: Designate one space as the place for homework. Free of distractions and away from the TV. This way, you start a pattern of behavior and hold tight a friendly and focused atmosphere for homework. You also preserve your fun areas and give kids the incentive to finish up their homework to get to those “fun places”.

4.     Individual Personalized Bins: Every year the permission slips & event notices come home. Some get signed. Some get lost. Most wait for the morning of to get signed. “Mom I need cupcakes today” Does this happen to you? Give each child there own special place to put all the papers & notices from school. Get them in the habit of emptying out their backpacks when they come home and going over their schedule for the week! They learn to take responsibility for their schedule while you get to stay on top of what’s happening at school! Win win!

Back to school doesn’t have to be overwhelming! It’s a great time to reassess your family plan,, reorganize and plan for a great year. Kids love freedom and structure! Give them what they want and do it creatively!

Have a great year!! and Welcome back to school!! From all of us at James N Brown PA aka,, the JNB Girls!