Realtor Magazine recently published a simple yet extremely true article completely worth the read for Real Estate agents and professionals about Being a Happier Business Person. It’s still early in 2017. It’s still early to make changes, get ahead, develop new disciplines and just get better, happier. It’s not about clawing and biting your way to the top especially if it means completely sacrificing your soul to do it. Hard work is always good. But kindness, especially when you’re kind to yourself is number 1 in our book!

Here’s the highlights!

Top 6 Ways to Be a Happier Real Estate Professional

  1. Stay Positive
  2. Surround yourself with the right people
  3. Exercise more
  4. Slow down
  5. Have deep conversations
  6. Help Others

We’re a different breed I suppose at James N Brown. we don’t believe in taking advantage of people, we believe strongly in fully representing our clients to the best of their interests without compromising the law or our character.

Take a read! Let us know your thoughts and spend some time considering the rest of 2017 and making this year your best year yet! Your “happiest”.

and if you need more than six read Forbes 10 Habits of Incredibly Happy People!