Beware of Deed Scams:


If you’ve recently purchased a home, a scam may try to trick you out of more than $80.

Scammers are contacting new home buyers with a seemingly legitimate solicitation offering to send a copy of their property deed and other information for a fee.

At first, the solicitation known as a “Deed Processing Notice” seems legitimate. The property information is included, along with county information, a compliance date, and a “helpful” tip box offering answers to “Why you need your current Grant Deed and property file.”

The problem is, you don’t need this service.  Those documents are mailed to you free after a sale or transfer. And if you need another copy, you can order one online, through your county clerk’s office, or contact our office.

So far it isn’t clear how the scammers are getting homeowners’ information, but property sales and ownership is a matter of public record. Anyone can visit a county office and compile a list of recent homeowners.

Generally, if you receive a solicitation asking for more money after your closing, it isn’t legitimate. But if you aren’t sure or want more information, contact your county clerk’s office  or provide us the document and give us a call.