The City of West Palm Beach Landlord Story:

So your a property owner and you’ve been renting to college students in one of Downtown West Palm Beaches Condominums, One City Plaza. You see a yellow sticker on your door or your tenant does, and you realize… you’ve been caught! You’re an unlicensed landlord in the City of West Palm Beach. Chances are you didn’t even know you needed a license!

Over the last two years the city has been amping up it’s efforts to make sure every landlord in the City of West Palm is properly licensed. The licensing not only calls for a nominal fee but also an inspection. Depending on the unit or home, this inspection can be costly if the rental is not up to code. Most condominiums in downtown West Palm Beach are well mantained and move in ready. There’s the occasional over site on repairs but most will be corrected with a small expense.

The homes in the city that are rented are a little different. Functioning windows and proper entrances and exits may not be so easy to releave. Most of the Historical homes still have original windows meaning LOTs of jolicie window replacement calls. This can be consuming for landlords but in the end it’s still cheaper to come up to the standards and get your proper licensing.  None-compliance fee’s are high and should be avoided at all costs as they are applied daily until you are brought up to compliance!

In all cases it’s easier to be compliant then not to be! The City of West Palm Beach is certainly on the look out for those who are not in compliance. Ignorance is not an option and landlords will be penalized.

Check out the City of West Palm Beaches website for further details, application, and other Landlord compliance.

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