It is no longer unusual for a Father to win a custody battle and to be awarded full custody of their child or children. The assumption that a Mother has the sole right to the children is being battled everyday in our West Palm Beach court rooms. Headlines have been made for famous fathers who won their custody battles including Usher, Lenny Kravitz and Deion Sanders among a few. Even Tyrese Gibson found himself challenged with an increase in his monthly support by his former wife. The courts ruled in his favor as he proved to the courts that her claim of being an absentee father was unfounded.

These cases are with individuals who have endless resources to fight in their defense. While most Dads in court are not in the same financial position as Tyrese Gibson, legally they have the same equal opprotunity of getting custody as a mother. Dad’s need proper preparation and representation. Adequate documentation, Court etiquette and dress are also important. Ultimately, the best interest of the child will be what the court is looking out for and will need to be the focus for any father seeking custody.

Family Law cases in West Palm Beach and across Palm Beach County are growing.  With changes in our legal system as a whole, many stereotypes and assumptions are being shattered. In today’s courtroom preparation is everything and representation is the rest.

Gregory Burdick has been providing legal services in divorce, custody, support, wills and probate for the past thirty years. He has been a certified mediator for the past twenty years. He has extensive trial experience but has also resolved numerous cases helping clients settle their disputes without having to go to trial. Greg Burdick has been and remains dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to his clients.