5 Things You Need to Know About Divorce in Florida

  1. Requirements and Dissolution
    1. If you are filling for divorce in Florida, you or your spouse of needs to be a florida resident. Your marriage will need to be irreconcilable. If one of you denies this a judge may order up to 3 months of marital counseling.
  2. Martial Assest and Property
    1. A judge will examine the assets that were gained during a marriage and equally divide them. All will be based on your individual situation and the Judges discretion. Non Marital Assets can be kept separated and are determined by those items that were quirked prior to the marriage and kept separate from the marriage.
  3. Alimony
    1. Alimony will be a determined amount based on length of marriage, standard of living and physical condition of each spouse.
  4. Child Custody and Child Support
    1. Custody is no longer a word used in court proceedings. Now shared parental responsibility is assumed with parents who are morally and physically fit to care for their children. Support is grated at the judges discretion and based on the child support calculator.
  5. The Future
    1. Something most people don’t consider during these times is that these decisions change the course of your life  and your children’s life forever. Not only will this have a lasting financial effect but also emotionally and logistically as well. No divorce should be entered into lightly especially one that has children involved. Consider every decision based on the effect it has over time not just how you feel in the moment. You can best do this by choosing the widely the counsel that will represent you and your family during these highly emotional times.

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