Courts have been making efforts to push the foreclosure process along by putting pressure on Foreclosure Attorneys in Palm Beach County since last years fast-track foreclosure law was passed. Back in March, Palm Beach County Chief Judge Jeffrey Colbath issued his own administrative order. The order requires foreclosure attorneys to a set a hearing date within 5 days or face rebuke after filing certain motions. Ultimately this speeds up the settlement process between banks and homeowners.

Even with the law in place the Palm Beach Post today was quoted saying”While the housing crisis is in the rear view mirror for much of the country, on the fourth floor of the Palm Beach County Courthouse, some days look more like 2009.”. The law came initially as a reward for banks who have completed their due diligence, however, it’s effects have been limited.

As we both know, banks want money and most homeowners want to keep their home. Prior to the law passing, court delays have created settlement opportunities between banks and homeowners. The speed up forced homeowners out of their homes sooner. It did it’s work in our court systems clearing the docits faster. However, the greater cause and effect, which we are seeing within our communities, is abandoned homes, displaced families and whole communities physically breaking down.

Every effort to help these processes comes at a price. For Foreclosure Attorney’s the banks initial desire to push the process along and be rewarded for their due diligence has been a benefit. The new law shined a light on the broken mortgage system. Proof that the banks owned the note was difficult with mortgages passing through many hands over the course of time. Along side of note ownership, banks were being caught in missed detail after detail. Some foreclosure lawsuits have been dismissed from lack of proper paperwork.

This most recent push from the Chief judge is costing all parties involved, especially home owners. yesterday foreclosure attorney’s and home owners alike lined the walls of the courthouse to see the requirements of our Palm Beach County Judges who aren’t afraid to lay out a clear path for what they expect in courtrooms.

Surely the process has everyone ready to either fight or give up. But I’m still in the fight. I’m not giving up on my clients or any home owner that wants to save their home. The process is still a work in progress and even the laws haven’t scene there full potential to cure the problems of real estate past. The day is coming and the docits are thinning. You have an advocate, a foreclosure defense attorney with a proven record.

Here’s the current available stats for Florida:

About 17,455 foreclosures were pending in Palm Beach County’s courts as of the end of February. That’s down from a high of 55,000 four years earlier. Statewide, about 229,340 cases were still pending in February, down from 377,700 in June 2012.

Pending foreclosure cases at the end of February
Palm Beach County, 17,455

Statewide, 229,340

Pending foreclosure cases at the end of 2009

Palm Beach County, 55,000

Statewide, 500,000 (estimated)

Source: Florida State Courts Administrator