Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney suspects that the 110 deficiency judgements that have been filed by Dyck O’Neal are the result of a recent Florida law change that set a one year deadline to file on unpaid foreclosure debt. The Texas based debt collection company filed more than 300 cases in Broward County and nearly 200 in Miami-Dade County.

As for the law change, the previous deadline was five years and now with just one year to file, their will be a BIG push with collections agencies and banks recouping deficiencies from Foreclosures in West Palm Beach.

“It’s a nightmare”, said one homeowner who awaits to see if she will find herself with a deficiency judgement against her. With no real understanding of current law changes and what their rights are, many homeowners will find themselves in this “reoccurring nightmare” without an advocate. With recent improvements in the economy, collection agencies are seeing it as an opportunity to collect from homeowners just getting back on their feet. However, homeowners are finding it to be yet another blow to their feet knocking them back down. The monies can be reclaimed by garnishing wages, liens, or claiming rights to investment properties.

At James N Brown PA, we strongly suggest a FREE consultation with James N Brown himself to provide that advocate in these uncertain times. Foreclosures laws have been amended and knowing your rights when a deficiency judgement is filed against is priority. Don’t let the nightmare continue. Know that there is a Foreclosure in Attorney West Palm Beach that can help.

Do not give up on your rights to defend your home!