Going through a divorce is hard on everyone. No matter what the reason is for the divorce, it can be a challenging and possibly overwhelming process.

There are some steps one can take to make the process a little easier.

Assess the Situation

In order to ensure a fair distribution of marital property, both parties need to have a firm understanding of their finances. Each partner should know what they own, what is owed jointly and his or her joint and individual debts.

Save Money to Accounts

If possible, begin setting money aside for when there is no longer a joint account. If someone is dependent on his or her spouse’s income, this may not be possible. But try to set up a budget and plan for the future ahead. If opening a new bank account is not possible, store money somewhere safe.
Secure Important Account Numbers and Passwords

Buying a home, opening a credit card, and even joining a health club require proof of one’s identity and financial standing. Be sure you have access to any important papers and information that may be needed in order to restart one’s life as a single person.

Find a Good Support Group

No matter how ready one thinks they are for a divorce, actually going through the process and saying “good-bye” to a life once had or hoped for is difficult. To emerge from a divorce with a positive attitude, one will need the support of friends, family and a good therapist they trust or a support group.

Domestic Violence Issues

If domestic violence is the reason for the divorce, one should remove himself or herself from the situation immediately. Find a safe place and contact authorities. Do not attempt to go through the divorce alone. People experiencing domestic violence need moral, financial and legal support throughout the entire divorce process.

If you are thinking about getting divorced, contact an experienced family law attorney to learn more about how planning appropriately and having a skilled legal advocate can help you have a more positive outcome.

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