In certain situations, the couple seeking to end the relationship through divorce may grant the rights of the house to the children while each parent moves in and out of the residence during visitation times. The arrangement is possible in certain locations with permission from the courts and a peaceful divorce process between spouses.

Some couples are able to remain open and friendly in the aftermath of a divorce. This is often possible by keeping a primary residence with the children while both ex-spouses move in and out for the duration of visitation. The length of time each parent visits both house and children may vary depending on the circumstances and the agreement with the two. This provides stability for a child or children from the relationship while the parents take a temporary or semi-permanent residence elsewhere unless visiting the children. The house may have the names of the youths for custody and may also lower child support payments and spousal support to take care of the young individuals.

Nesting and the Children

There is a special situation where the parents of children in a divorce gain custody of the house while the parents move in and out for visitation times. The term is nesting to equate these circumstances with baby birds and each parent comes in when necessary. Both parents move into an apartment or another residence to live when not visiting the children. Everything remains at the house for the youths, and the parents may alternate days, weeks or various times of the day. The young individuals from the relationship may even have extended family stay on days both parents are not living in the nest.

Divorcing without Destroying the Family

There are alternative ways of completing the divorce between spouses. Figuring out how to implement these is possible with legal support and creative ideas. Some families will all remain in the same house even after the divorce is final. Others will move the children into two separate properties. Using a single residence for the kids and different dwellings for the parents could progress the divorce to completion without destroying the family dynamic for the children in the relationship. It is possible to keep the routines of daily living while still dissolving the marriage legally. When both parents are open to alternative ways to manage the family, giving custody to the children is possible.

The arrangement usually involves at least one parent with the children most of the time. A grandparent, aunt or uncle or a cousin could also move in to help take care of matters. The parents must remain on friendly terms and agree to the situation completely to keep the children from feeling the full effects of a true divorce happening. These circumstances could provide stability and keep from destroying the family dynamic. It could also help the children psychologically cope with the divorce and improve the outlook when the parents refrain from fighting or engaging in conflict.

The Growing Trend

To protect children in a marriage when going through a divorce, finding alternative methods is the job of the parents. It is important to seek out new innovative ways to mitigate the damage that the dissolution of the relationship causes youths in the family. The divorce process is especially harmful to adopted or foster children. With the separation of spouses, these adolescents may return to previous accommodations when they are unable to remain together and work through problems. However, by looking for and discovering ways to protect the children through the divorce, the parents may remove any added complications.

The giving custody of the house to the children is a trend that started in the later 2000s. Many states are unaware of the nesting situation or how it could provide a more stable environment for the youths in a family going through a divorce. The parents may need a divorce lawyer to introduce the idea into the court to accept the arrangement that the spouses are willing to carry out to protect and safeguard the emotional aspect and well-being of the children. Sometimes the couple may need to explain the matter to lawyers, therapists and the courts as well when the state does not know of the growing trend.

Legal Help in Giving Custody of the House to Children

When the lawyers are aware of the nesting situation, it is less difficult to provide the alternative as the best opportunity to protect the family and increase stability with the children.

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