Many home owners are now “upside down” with their current lender and seeking advice from a mortgage modification attorney. I have personally spoken to a handful of home owners that are in deep need of a mortgage modification. Most were first solicited by agencies claiming easy modifications in return for a flat flee on the service. As you can imagine, nothing was easy about the service. Most paid the fee and began the process only to find out that they were ineligible for the modification. Meanwhile, they were instructed to stop paying their mortgage and funnel those monies into the mortgage service. The money was taken at loss and no one questioned whether or not these agencies were real viable companies with the ability to actually modify the loan. The homeowners walked away even more discouraged and ready to give up.

Just days ago the ABC News Fixer released an article about mortgage fraud. As you can imagine many individuals are being sorely taken advantage of.  Here’s a piece of the article: “So-called mortgage rescue schemes can be quite sophisticated, and losses to American homeowners are at least $83 million, according to the Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network, which gathers complaints in partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement.”

Home Owners should know that the first step would be contacting HUD and it’s councelors to see if they qualify for a modification — FOR FREE.  Anyone who is already having a hard time paying shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars without some type of benefit and if sounds to good to be true  – it is!

If you’re already past this portion of the process and your home is in foreclosure a mortgage modification attorney can represent you in these matters. First by stalling or stopping the foreclosure and then gaining time to apply for a loan modification. Attorney’s can help with bankruptcy filing as well as mortgage default defense and short sale representation.

Since consultations are FREE start this process with a licensed attorney with expertise in Mortgage Modification and Foreclosure defense. This will save you money, time, and most importantly, YOUR HOME.