The headline on the July 14th press release read ‘Palm Beach County’s new foreclosures up 7 percent from previous month’

Here’s the stats straight from the Clerk and Comptrollers Office, Just released!

July Foreclosures in Palm Beach County

Foreclosure Sales Results

In June of 2013 House Bill 87 changed Florida Foreclosures. House Bill 87, often called the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act made a big impact on foreclosures, some immediately and others as of July 1, 2013. The Bill was passed as a response to the overloaded court filings. The Bill was opposed by many who believed that for banks, the Florida Statute 702.10 was already in place to expedite the process. The main debate is whether the banks needed a faster avenue when they already had the right to one.

When we look at the law after a year has passed, with new foreclosures on the rise, it’s uncertain of its benefits. However what is certain that with new filings, new laws, and no help – it’s going to be a tough end of the year for many home owners. The solution is knowledge with a Foreclosure Attorney in Palm Beach who can help you navigate the process and possibly save your home.

A Foreclosure Attorney in West Palm Beach will work with your lender t workout a foreclosure alternative and if needed, defend you in a foreclosure proceeding. What you can expect for your Foreclosure Attorney o do for you:

It’s very important that you seek help as quickly as possible in the foreclosure process . The longer . The longer you wait, the fewer opportunities your attorney will has to help you.