New businesses and jobs in real estate is just the beginning for commercial drone operators. Innovation is on the rise as well as technologies. Drones are just the beginning of a new era in technologically advance businesses. With new and clarified regulations announced by the FAA, the “skies the limit” as long as you comply!

The final ruling on small unmanned aircrafts weighing less than 55 lbs includes but to limited to the following:

These are just a few of the regulations. The FAA is working on privacy a well. They suggest that if you intend to operate either as a hobby or as business one of these small unmanned aircrafts you should find out what your local privacy laws are. The FAA will educate pilots during their certification what privacy best practices are. These coincide with the current guidelines the National Telecommunications and Information Administration published in May 2016.

Always inquire with your local and State agencies for compliance when starting any business whether real estate related or not. Also, when hiring photographers to capture real estate and local events, ensure you are using a certified professional.