In today’s “Divorce Court” the terms and statutes have changed to better care for children and families undergoing separation and divorce. The courts have all but removed the word “Custody” and now ‘shared parental responsibility’ has been put in it’s place. Courts and Judges believe that two fit parents can equitably raise a child and should! The aim is to plan ahead and make a plan that best suites the needs of the child and accommodates as best it can the lifestyle of the child and parents.

Most parents today are experiencing a 50/50 timeshare split. This can be done in many ways from weekly splits to looking at the year as whole an sharing determined times equitably. Parents who can make a shared plan together can file their plan with the courts and move on! For those that may be having a harder time determine what’s best for the child a mediator can be your best asset!

Understand that sole parental custody is going to rarely awarded unless abuse, neglect and /or and unsafe environment can be determined. There has to un-refutable evidence to determine the lack of fitness of one parent and even then a judge may make sure that the child has access to that parent under supervision.

Establish a plan together and move forward peacefully. If you are in need of peace keeper while establishing parenting plan that is best for your child or children, call Gregory Burdick, Family Law Attorney at James N Brown PA. 561-838-9595 or email us today!