2014 Far/Bar and Far Bar As-is (not Far)  “Additional Terms” to protect particular parties

Downtown West Palm Beach Realtors take note! There are some discrepancies in the 2014 Far Bar and Far Bar As-Is contract that could use some additional language.

I personally want to give you some legal language to insert. You will want to include this in the ‘Additional Terms’ to protect the particular party.

For Buyer

When representing Buyers include the following in the Additional Terms (line 537)

“Seller shall close all open permits & un-permitted work at sellers expense.”

For Sellers

When representing Sellers include the following in the Additional Terms (line 537)

“If Buyer fails to give a loan commitment notice by the Loan Commitment Date, Buyer shall be deemed to have obtained a Loan Commitment and financing, and all financing contingencies shall be waived and deemed satisfied”

Make sure 9(F)(a) is elected

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