Representing Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators in Real Estate Transaction

The City of West Palm Beach adopted ordinance No 4159-08 which regulates the residency of sexual offenders and sexual predators within the City of West Palm Beach. It’s main purpose prohibits sexual offenders and sexual predators from living within 1500 feet of any school, designated bus stop, child care facility, park, playground, community center, or any other place where children congregate. This ordinance applies to all dwelling units, condos, apartments, homes, duplexes, Etc, that are located with in the city.

The landlord or owner of the residential property will be imposed a fine should a sexual offender or sexual predator be found living permanently or temporarily in the residence either as a renter or letting them stay.

The landlord is required to fill out the Acknowledgment of Landlord/Property Owner for the City of West Palm Beach stating that the tenant signed an affidavit that no residents are sexual offenders or sexual predators. It states the Landlord reviewed the sexual offender and sexual predator list and conferred. It states that Chapter 54 Article XII apply upon termination of lease or expiration of lease. The document should be notarized and returned to the City of West Palm Beach.

For Real Estate Agents representing Landlords it is important that you are up to date on these ordinances so you can properly inform your landlord during the renting process. As well, Real Estate Agents should also understand that representing a sexual predator or sexual offender can cause liability for Realtors if such good faith compliance has not been met and the Real Estate Agent is seeking to place a sexual offender or sexual predator within a 1500 mile radius of these aforementioned areas.

It should be noted that there are no residences within the City limits of West Palm Beach that are not within a 1500 mile radius of said areas.

Real Estate Agents and Landlords should seek tenants with caution and comply with the City’s ordinance accordingly.

The following website are available for a landlord or owner of residential property:

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Can A Sex Offender Buy A House In Florida?

So while a sex offender is certainly free to purchase property, there are limits and restrictions on where you are actually able to live. Florida state law mandates residency restrictions for sex offenders.