In recent years hiring drone companies to capture Real Estate and skylines has been the top option for businesses seeking an edge on the competition. It was a great option until the FAA and the nation demanded regulations on this up and coming technology start up. While techies and hobbyists were investing top dollar for drone ownership, the FAA has been deliberating over regulations. But those deliberations set for final rule in 2015 have now been pushed back to 2017 and beyond.

Surly, you’ve seen the helicopter looking flying apparatuses in the sky and wondered like many, “What is that?” Drones have been used in our military since 2002 (that we’re aware of) But for the rest of us civilians, these drones are a branch of the RC cars of our childhood, but as adults become an amazing gadget and a possibly a profitable business.

The FAA takes protecting our air space seriously. Also, security and privacy has been issue for both the government and private sectors. Drone companies are furious and threatening to take their business outside of the US. But with the rules out for executive review, it will take time. Recently, four companies were awarded commercial use to fly their drones.

In today’s market, many Real Estate brokerages are considering the purchase of one of this fantastic flying gadgets or hiring privately local start ups that offer this service. It may be a while before the regulations are in place, and certainly it won’t ground all the drones from flying. But watch out! Being caught is a hefty fine and may not be worth that gorgeous view of the Downtown West Palm Beach skyline!

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