Foundation of the Procuring Cause Doctrine

The Penguin Club sat at the least-used end of Sunset Beach — a squat ring of solid poured concrete tents encircling a thatched cabana and a 12×14 poolette. It had the frantically cleaned and single coat-over-chipped-paint look of an aging property whose owner wanted out. Jim McGinty whistled as he drew himself out of his […]

Small Kitchen? Try These 9 Tips for Making the Most of Your Limited Space

Transform your standard-issue rental kitchen with these tips. Is there some kind of law that requires rental apartments to supply no more than a single square of kitchen counter space to each unit? Between the white walls, scarce and often outdated cabinets, and a lack of amenities, it’s rare to find a solid kitchen in […]

Commercial Real Estate Savvy

In a recent case for commercial real estate in a Pennsylvania court dismissed a lawsuit against a commercial real estate broker due to the parol evidence rule barring the Buyers lawsuit. The Broker was accused of failing to properly represent their client when the sellers countered the buyers offer for commercial property. The Buyers original offer was $5.5m […]