7 Mistakes People Make Handling Deceased Family Members’ Estates

Dealing with a family member’s death can be a double cruelty. There is the emotional loss. Then, that’s often followed by the monumental task of dealing with the deceased’s estate—any property or possessions left behind. Given this is a hard time, it’s understandable that many people in this situation make mistakes. In an effort to […]

Does a Will Have to Be Witnessed?

Wills allow individuals to avoid the state’s rules about who gets what portion of a decedent’s estate. They also allow individuals to name their executors, name a guardian for their children and bequeath specific items to certain individuals. However, if a will is not properly executed, the will can be invalidated and the rules of […]

Top Small Business Mistakes and How a Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Them

There are several mistakes that a small business owner can make that will cause the company to fail long before it could, and without using a lawyer to assist with these problems, the owner may no longer have a business to run. Hiring a business lawyer early is often the best advice to take from […]

Exit Strategy Planning for Your Business

An appropriate exit strategy to the business owned by a private person is crucial when he or she is ready to retire or to pass on the company to family or a partner. Understanding what is necessary and how to exit the market are both essential in formulating the plan and working towards that goal […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Business Succession

To hand over a business to another person is a complex situation that requires careful planning and adjustments based on the suitability of the person or group picked by the owner. Planning the succession could lead to the owner trying certain individuals out or handing it over to management while the owner researches the best […]

Inheritance Rights for Legitimate and Illegitimate Children

An important question in inheritance law is whether a child has the right to inherit from his or her parent. A parent can decide in most states whether or not his or her adult children will receive any inheritance from him or her by making a will with these instructions. However, if the person dies […]

Preparing for Uncomfortable Questions When Making an Estate Plan

Studies show that many people do not have a will or other estate planning documents in place even though they need them. Part of this dynamic may be that it is difficult to confront our own mortality. However, making an estate plan can ensure that your wishes are known and that your family is protected. […]