Child Custody and Unmarried Parents in Florida

There’s been a lot of conversation on custody rights as it pertains to unmarried parents through out South Florida and West Palm Beach. Many agree that there has been a heavy lean toward the mother in past cases. However, the judicial system has made great strides not to lean toward either parent and make changes […]

Grandparent Rights in Florida Family Law

Florida Family Law  – Grandparent Rights In this age, families are made up of all types of situations and individuals. Most Family Law cases focus on the child-parent relationship. In fact, even custody rights currently being duked out in the State of Florida are limited to the rights of parents. Some may argue that the […]

Governor Rick Scott urged by FL BAR to Veto Alimony Legislation

Florida Alimony and Child Support laws are once again back in the spotlight after a 2013 Bill was vetoed by Governor Rick Scott. The once flawed bill now substantially modified, is still facing controversy where it involves child sharing. In the current Bill RS 668, child sharing will be assumed 50/50. Both parents will be treated […]

Social Media and it’s Impact on Family Law

Divorce and Family Law While there is evidence that divorce is declining in Florida, the need for a savvy family law attorney is still ever on the rise. There’s many areas that will need to be considered in the process and while some divorces can be done simply and quickly in Florida, most can not. […]

Does Florida Need Family Law Reform?

Family Law Reform in Florida Over the course of generations of family law cases one resounding truth seems to be taking over our legal conversations. Family Law in Florida needs to be reformed. Some of the more clear suggestions to our fair system have been as follows: • Allow binding orders to be made by […]