Quiet Title Actions – Legal Versus Equitable

Some situations require a quiet action in real estate deals, title conflicts and a completion of ownership transfers and claims. When someone must file to authenticate their title being valid despite claims explaining that it is not, the individual usually must undergo a quiet title action. This may be regarding the actual property title, an […]

Property Dispute Lawyers

What is a Property Dispute? A property dispute refers to any legal dispute involving real property, also known as real estate. Real property is immoveable property attached directly to the land. Real property includes single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, ponds, canals, and roads. Parties to Property Disputes Property disputes may involve the following parties, including but […]

What You Need For Your Real Estate Closing

You just signed for your first home buying purchase and you’re so excited to get your keys!! It’s true, Real Estate is STILL one of the best ways to invest and you did it! The inspection passed and the financing approved! It’s an exciting time and you may be wondering if your closing will go as […]

Closing Cost Estimator

At James N Brown PA we’re always looking for way to make the process of home buying and selling an easier one! With the Sellers, Buyers, and Borrowers Calculators you can estimate your costs quickly and easily. You can also send yourself a PDF or if you’re a Real Estate Agent you can email a […]

REO Title Company

As the number of bank-owned properties increases, it’s crucial to have a reliable REO Title Company in West Palm Beach to ensure clear title. Title companies provide essential title insurance to protect buyers in a market saturated with REO properties. Banks often possess properties with undisclosed or known liens, causing frustration for buyers during the […]

How does my Title Company West Palm Beach know my REO title is clean?

Clean title and your Title Company in West Palm Beach It’s no secret that since the market took a plunge, foreclosures rose and bank owned properties – or REO’s as they’re called in the industry – have become EVERYONE’S real estate of choice. Bargain hunting took on new meaning as prospective home buyers scoured the […]