Some things may negatively affect your divorce case.

The following may make it tougher for your lawyer to represent you, cause a judge to be upset with you, or increase your legal fees:

1. Buy a house or make any other major purchase – This can make spitting the marital estate more difficult, negatively affect what you will be entitled to have, and may even violate a court order.

2. Hide property – Can cause all types of problems,
including court sanctions against you.

3. Give away Property or Allow it to Deteriorate or Be Destroyed.

4. Draw money out of an account for unauthorized purchases.

5. Withhold information, especially in the discovery process.

6. Post whatever you want on social media.

7. Talk negatively about your spouse to your kids, or in front of your kids.

8. Hangout with the wrong people- Pretend you are single when you are not yet single, hang out with people who have bad habits, untreated addictions, or criminal records. Everything that you do during this time is being considered and judged.

9. Threaten your spouse or anyone else.

10. Take your spouse off of your insurance policies or have utilities or other services turned off.

Divorce is a crazy, highly emotional time and it is common to feel out of control, sad or angry. Stop and think! And follow your lawyer’s advice! It will save you trouble in the long run.