Developers and owners of timeshare properties are defendants in litigation due to various scams against the elderly where there are instances of fraud, contract breaches and various state violations. These issues deemed elderly abuse are complex and may lead to years of battle for these older residents against the larger company.

Timeshare developers facing elder abuse litigation must defend against scams and loss of income. From fraud to breach of contract, the elder residents of some states have complications in using timeshare property for the amount of time or location of purchase. When confronting the companies in these actions, some band together to instigate class action lawsuits. Some of these are in specific states, and others are for the same legal matters. When the older individual sustains harm in these situations, the legal matters elevate to elder abuse. Then, it is possible to seek compensation or a remedy to the problem through legal assistance.

Fraud and False Statements

While there are some single lawsuits initiated by the elderly in the timeshare development issues, many are banding together to strike at the corporations in one fell swoop. By explaining that false statements and consumer fraud are the problem that certain corporations engage in, they are progressing the cases further than when only one person seeks a resolution. The primary issue is that many feel that some companies seek to target the elderly particularly because of their age and possible mental infirmity. The financial fraud issue is secondary to the targeted attacks of potential nefarious activity with older citizens.

Some issues with the timeshare deals arise when the victims of scams or aggressive deals are put into a situation where they may face additional pressure to accept. After the acceptance, the elderly individuals are unaware that there are clauses that permit them to rescind the deal. The contract stipulation checks do not occur with the customers, and this causes confusion and aggravation when they discover the terms and conditions. The intention is sometimes to deceive, mislead and confuse the older groups because the company is aware that they are targets. Then, those affected become financially injured.

Elder Abuse in Timeshares

When a financial injury occurs due to marketing campaigns, aggressive salesmen and misleading information, these groups band together and attack the company as a united front in a class action lawsuit. While the sales demonstration requires attendees to have annual income of $60,000, the age is not a requirement. Additionally, this need is not part of the deal if the customer is at least 55 or has already fully retired. Other problems occur with customers with the timeshares in getting reservations booked. This is due to complete control and manipulation of the reservation system in the hands of the company.

Other tactics are often part of the sited elder abuse. Such deceptive strategies may include selling these timeshares at greater prices than expected or necessary. This could lead to reselling opportunities removed from the elder owners when the property sales cannot match what they were bought at with the original company. Other forms of abuse occur through gross misrepresentation and intentional or negligent actions of the salesperson. This is to create an urgency in the sale that does not exist. These maneuvers used by the company reach out to others as an attractive offer with many individuals seeking purchase. The pressure is to buy quickly.

Untrue Accounts in the Sale

Outright lies or untrue accounts of the property and broad terms spoken in the sales pitch may misdirect or confuse the elder targets. The facts of the property explained may have entirely different accounts. An example would involve a location detailed to exist close to a beach or in a relatively peaceful place. However, the building may sit near crime or in a dilapidated section of the beach where no one travels because of criminal activity. It is important for timeshare owners to know their rights with the property before they face severe difficulty. This is possible through legal representation.

The Lawyer in Timeshare Suits

It is important for elder owners of timeshares to seek help when there are possible cases of elder abuse. These individuals need someone on their side when they face such underhanded tactics that could lead to financial disaster. Filing suit together or singly could provide the opportunity to make up for what these companies took when selling the timeshare properties. Compensation may provide the ability to recover from the incident.