Happy New Year 2017!!

As a home owner you know that the improvements for your real estate can be endless. Just when you get your home exactly where you want it, a surprise comes and you may need a roof repair, an extra bathroom, or even a whole new room addition. In these times it’s easy to take your current mortgage equity and turn it into cash to make those needed or even desired real estate home improvements!

Keep in mind that some improvements are over improvements and won’t change the value of your home. However, some of improvements will bring great value to your home as well as added pleasure to you the home owner. It’s always a good to schedule a consultation not only the about the amount you can use for improvements but also which improvements will help raise the value of your home.

As a home owner you can either refinance your mortgage or take out a home equity line of credit. During your consultation it’ll be determined which is the best avenue for you. Home Improvement loans will need specifics! They will need to know what your improving, how and how login most cases. A HELOC (home equity line of credit) as it’s commonly refereed to, is based on the fair market value of the home and need not have any specifics attached.

In either case, it’s time to make those needed and desired home improvements in 2017! Lets get better this year! Refinance or equity loan, we can recommend excellent professional mortgage personnel and handle your loan closing.