June 2014 Market Update

From Your Real Estate Lawyer West Palm Beach

There’s an excitement and a nervous anticipation for the monthly market report. For Real Estate Attorney’s it’s important to know the state of the economy and anticipate the direction it can take. Many times a lawyer becomes general council  and you can’t inform a client if you’re not up to date on all things Real Estate Law requires. It’s not just enough to know Real Estate law for those of us at James N Brown, PA. We honestly have a passion for it. As the market ebbs and flows. As interest rates fluctuate. As  we see a new stirring of excitement in Condominium Developments in Downtown West Palm Beach. We know more now the importance of having well informed council in the form of a Real Estate Lawyer when making your purchases or rental agreements in West Palm Beach and the greater Palm Beach county. Not everyone plays by the rules or knows the Law. We do and we love it.

Real Passionate Real Estate Attorney’s! James N Brown, P.A. Licensed Real Estate Lawyer West Palm Beach